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Michael Bane on the Ruger SR-1911

I’m a well known revolver man but if I was forced to buy a semi-auto I’d definitely go for the 1911 platform as it’s one of the most reliable and time tested. This review is a little old but it’s … Continue reading

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Sturgeon in New York’s East River?

When the body of a decomposing sturgeon was found on the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn bridge the very un-outdoorsy New Yorkers were enthralled with the mystery animal they dubbed the ‘East River Monster.” Even the cryptozoologist community was on … Continue reading

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Nice Work Maryland: State Stocks Fisheries with Diseased Fish

From Outdoor Life’s Newshound blog: A shipment of some 8,000 rainbow trout used to stock several Western Maryland streams earlier this month contained some fish with whirling disease, a parasitic-borne syndrome often fatal to salmon and trout species, especially rainbows. … Continue reading

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Around the Campfire May 29th, 2011

I was just reading my new Fur-Fish-Game and saw that there is a lot of optimism in the fur markets due to expected demand by Russia and China. Coyote and heavy red fox seem to be especially in demand. Fur … Continue reading

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Is the .410 Really Useless?

This post was first published on the American Survival Blog and I am republishing it here. In the short time since its original publication several new .410 self defense rounds have been made available that make the scrappy little caliber … Continue reading

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