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Dr. R.W. Oelslager’s Bushcraft Notes

The full title of this unknown classic is Bushcraft, Scouting and Woodslore Notes and it’s less an book on bushcraft and more an encyclopedia of facts the woodsbum needs. The good doctor covers everything from understanding Rockwell hardness to building … Continue reading

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Horton Summit Crossbow in Action

I found this video of a guy sighting in his Horton Summit crossbow which displays the power and accuracy of the budget priced bow. It’s still more expensive than a Handi-rifle but for people in areas where firearms ownership is … Continue reading

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Tests Confirm Connecticut Mountain Lion Traveled from South Dakota

That’s a long trip, and evidence that American big cat populations are getting large enough to force young cats into multi-state migrations to find a territory. From The Middletown Press: The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection said today … Continue reading

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Around the Campfire – Animal Attack Edition

There’s been a whole lot of animal attacks in the news so here’s a round up: A man in Colorado died two weeks after getting 19 black widow bites on his foot. Sounds more like MRSA to me but authorities … Continue reading

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“Urban Mosquito” Spreading Through American Cities

According to this report there are actually two different invasive species of mosquito that are breeding in cities. Given the high rates of blood borne disease in big cities I suggest insect repellent become part of city dwellers everyday wear: … Continue reading

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