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Negligent Discharges Don’t Just Happen

A video is being passed around featuring yet another mall ninja pretending to be an “expert” in all things firearms named Tex Grebner. In this particular video he regales us all with footage of him shooting himself in the leg … Continue reading

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News Report on Babesiosis

This tick borne parasite has already become a plague in the Northeast and it’s spreading west. This news report is a bit of scaremongering on the part of a local Indianapolis station but it contains some good information on the … Continue reading

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Bee Swarm Terrorizing California Neighborhood

Which seems to happen much more often than one would think. There’s no word if these are “africanized’ bees but since the common honey bee is happy to live next to you sans killing sprees I’m just going to assume … Continue reading

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Colonial Uses for Garlic

As an experiment I planted a garlic bulb in the middle of a round “whiskey barrel” gardening container I got from a Hobby Lobby. My early beets were planted around it. While the garlic bulb itself was not a rousing … Continue reading

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California Democrat Proposes Bill to Ban All Rifle Ammunition

California Democrat Kevin De Leon says right on his website that he believes handgun ammunition fuels gang violence in Los Angles: While walking precincts during my first campaign, I stumbled across bullet casings on sidewalks – just feet from where … Continue reading

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