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Gold: The Sucker’s Bet for Long Term Survival

This post was originally written in 2010 for the now defunct American Survival Blog. The gold prices are dated, but the basic idea is still the same. With the survivalist community increasingly based online, misinformation and panicky predictions of impending … Continue reading

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Crop Yields Expected to be far Below USDA Estimates!

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Around the Campfire – 8/22/11

It is a great time for hobby trappers to get more involved. The market turmoil has not effected Chinese and Russian fur buying and almost all furs are moving at healthy enough prices that even the short line weekend trapper … Continue reading

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Sticker Shock! Food Prices Exploding

Which shouldn’t be a shock since it’s been happening for years. Via Refuge: Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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Looks Like There’s a Rice Shortage Coming

I know a few of people who work in industries that are effected by food inflation and all of them are saying that a food crunch is coming. Rice is one staple I’m worried about – enough in fact that … Continue reading

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