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How to Use a Firesteel

Lots of people these days have firesteels in their bug out bags and emergency kits but I’ve found many have never practiced using them. They’re actually trickier than you would think – it took me a few hours when I … Continue reading

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Cooking Colonial Style Fire Cakes

Jas. Townsend and Sons is one of the best re-enactment sutlers in business today, and not just because of their large selection of colonial error re-enactment supplies. The store has a innovative web presence that includes video presentations ranging from … Continue reading

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Some Real Deals on Amazon for Cyber Monday (or Any Day)

I notice that there are some survival and preparedness related blogs out there pimping Amazon link heavy posts for Cyber Monday deals on things that you just don’t need – like large selections of flashlights. I like my flashlight as … Continue reading

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The Trapper’s Bible by Dale Martin: The Only Book on Trapping the Survivalist Will Ever Need

First published on Red Alerts in May of 2010. Notice I said survivalist. The professional trapper will want to read more conventional literature, although The Trapper’s Bible belongs in every library. The Trapper’s Bible is not about fur trapping, but … Continue reading

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How to Set Up a Primitive Camp

This was first published on Red Alerts in September of 2010. I am a big fan of historical trekker and living history enthusiast “Le Loup” who runs the excellent re-enactment blog A Woodsrunner’s Dairy. “Primitive” survival skills are something people … Continue reading

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