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Eight Pounds of Tubers from a Three Gallon Nursery Pot

This video from the Growing your Greens YouTube collection shows the high yield of “sunchoke” or Jerusalem Artichoke. Backyard gardeners looking for a crop that can provide substantial returns for minimal investment may want to look into this plant. They … Continue reading

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“Local Food Sourcing” for Fun and Profit

I’m not promoting this sort of “locavorism” which tends to be much more of a pretension than a practical reality in a culture that has very few farmers, trappers, ranchers and fisherman left. However this video does illustrate a fad … Continue reading

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Inaugural Episode of Backwoods Home Radio

Backwoods Home has been the go to magazine for those interested in self-reliance for as long as I can remember. They finally have taken the leap into pod casting on the Preparedness Radio Network and have a great inaugural show … Continue reading

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Dave Canterbury on the Versatile #110 Conibear

I’m no trapper but I do stock a number of mouse and rat traps in case things ever get so desperate that I need to start trapping animals for food. Along with snare wire and Dale Martin’s Trapper’s Bible any … Continue reading

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Saxton Pope’s Yahi Archery

Another great find on Scribd. Saxton Pope is the father of traditional archery in this country. This is one of his works which should be of interest to people interested in the bow and arrow. Pope Yahi Archery

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