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Free Preview of Cody Lundin’s When All Hell Breaks Loose

This book is a few years old but not enough people have read it in my opinion. Cody Lundin and company have produced one of the better prepper books out there. When All Hell Breaks Loose doesn’t deal with the … Continue reading

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Man, Woman, Wild in Mexico

I was a little depressed when they cancelled Man, Woman, Wild staring Mykel Hawke and Ruth England not because they were the top experts on survival (they clearly were not) but because it is the most entertaining survival type show … Continue reading

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Primitive Bow Production by MiloSlavJMP

I have no idea where this guy is from or what language he speaks (Except he’s from Europe) but he has the skills. I am a subscriber to his YouTube channel and you should be too. Here’s he records himself … Continue reading

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Thousands of Crows Invade Pennsylvania Community

Remember this story when someone tells you hunting is a barbaric relic of the past that has no usefulness in modern society. The people in this area have no idea what to do about thousands of nuisance crows. No idea. … Continue reading

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DIY Rain Barrel

I found this video on Survival Starter that gives some good instruction on making your own rain barrel. Since barrels in my area are selling for $150+ this is one project I am looking to cut corners on:

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