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Crazed Survivalist Link Round-Up

(Photo courtesy Zombie Apocalypse Academy) My wife sent me a article from the L.A. Times which says that world wide pork shortages are now “unavoidable” mainly to pretend that she has been listening to my constant ranting about how there’s going to … Continue reading

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Christopher Nyerges Talks Bug Out Bags

In a wide ranging interview with boy scout leader Francisco Loaiza Christoper Nyerges talks about what should be in your survival pack. Listen to internet radio with Preparedness Radio on Blog Talk Radio

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Minnesota Farmer Beats Raw Milk Rap

Having solved all the other problems in the world state and federal authorities have been waging a war on the scourge that is unpasteurized milk. The theory behind this seems to be that people are too stupid to choose their own food and it’s the … Continue reading

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Around the Campfire – Animal Attacks Abound!

I saw a bunch of these stories on the social networks. Mother nature is angry! It took two fireman to pull an angry ferret off an innocent toddler on a busy street. A New Jersey babysitter had to fight for her life … Continue reading

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Journey with Red Hawk

Robert Redhawk is a bit controversial – with many people claiming he’s not really an Indian for some reason. I’m not sure if that’s true but if it is who cares? It never stopped Ward Churchill or Elizabeth Warren from … Continue reading

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