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Around the Campfire – 9/20/12

Not to sound alarmist but people need to start storing extra food now. There will be a huge spike in food prices in the next few weeks. That said here’s some stories that will help take your mind of the coming food … Continue reading

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I Think I’ll Go Carp Fishing Next Season

I knew Asian carp have a bounty being paid out if you could get in good with the authorities but what I didn’t know was how lucrative the regular market is. Apparently some Chinese processors are paying up to 90 cents a pound: Government-funded carp-catchers represent only a … Continue reading

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“Mystery Cat” Spotted in East Hampton, NY

And by “mystery cat” we mean Mountain Lion. Apparently several large, grey cats described as panthers have been spotted in the area. Authorities are baffled! Sightings of a “panther-like animal” and a mysterious set of tracks just a mile and a half … Continue reading

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The Hunter and Trapper by Halsey Thrasher

Another old time book of woods-bumming wisdom saved from obscurity by the Internet. This book is written by a Blacksmith who grew up hunting and trapping in the late 1800s and early 1900s. He gives advice on trapping and hunting … Continue reading

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Full Season of Alone in the Wild

I feel bad for this guy – though not bad enough to take down a post I wrote about him on Red Alerts laughing at his suicide attempt cleverly disguised as a reality show. Adventuer Ed Wardle had no real … Continue reading

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