Apache Death Caves!

Back in 1878 a group of Apache raiders fell upon a Navajo village near the Little Colorado and killed every man, woman and child except for three young girls who were taken back to their lair for more unspeakable crimes to be committed against them. The Navajo elders sent a war party to exact vengeance on the Apaches and they found the raiding party in their hideout, a hidden cave system, but were too late to save the three girls. The Navajo set fires to try to smoke the raiders out and ended up turning the raider’s lair into a mass grave which is said to be haunted to this very day.

The Unknown Camerman, one of those “urban explorers” who trespass in interesting places for our entertainment, has video of the caves as well as some other ruins in Arizona. Mostly of interest to the wanderers like me who like to get out there and experience history but treasure hunters will also be thrilled with the idea of maybe finding some old brass used to bring justice to the Apache wild west style. There are apparently still artifacts from the period buried there – protected by the spirits of course. Enjoy:

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  1. Ricardo says:

    I lived in South Dakota for 14 years and passed by bualffo on the way to town nearly every day. Hunting them with a modern center fire rifle on foot is mostly only a challenge if they calving or if you are hunting during the often brutal winters. Truthfully the bualffo is a very large animal and they can be very aggressive if given the opportunity. But they are not that hard to put down because you can generally have very precise shot placement. I’ve seen dozens go down with a single shot from a .243. That would not be my choice but it works. A 30-06 is plenty enough rifle for bison. Select the right bullet, a controlled expansion round that will penetrate deep and pick your shots. Shot placement is more important that caliber. I’d much rather see you shoot a smaller caliber that you can shoot well rather than a larger caliber you don’t shoot so well.Today’s high tech hunting ammo will easily get the job done if you do your part. Distances are normally short and shots are normally not rushed. Oddly while on a 4 wheeler or a tractor bualffo will ignore you unless you get within spitting distance, but on foot they seem to have a very different attitude about humans and it is not all that pleasant. Yet I fully believe that the 30-06 will get the job done.Good luck.

  2. Richard Frick says:

    The Apache were southern Plains Indians until the Comanche drove them off and into the mountains of New Mexico and Arizona.

    The Comanche, and the Sioux, adopted superior technology (the horse) sooner than the other Plains tribes. This is how they came to be the dominant force(s) on the Plains. This also explains why the US Calvary had such a difficult time purging the Plains of these 2 tribes in support of westward expansion.

    Whereas the Comanche & Sioux valued the mobility that the horse allowed, nearly above all else in their culture, the other tribes would simply eat the horse.

    The Apache proved difficult for the US Govt to subdue because they literally ran the continental divide between the US & Mexico to avoid those 2 armies.

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