Around the Campfire 1/10/13 – Getting Rough Out There Edition

Getting rough out there

Getting rough out there

Looks like it’s getting rough out there with all the politics, inflation and flu epidemics. Here’s a link dump of skills that will help you through the hard times and stories of why you’ll need them:

In Norfolk, Virginia at least three people called 911 when they mistook a freshly groomed Labradoodle for a baby lion.

Last month there were several reports of a “mystery animal” attacking livestock in Shelby County, KY.

A rabid bobcat mauled a man in his own garage in Brookfield, MA.

Feral dogs killed four people in a Mexico City park – police trapped 25 of the animals but more might be on the loose.

The drought in America is now being compared to the dust bowl.

Le Loup has a pattern for a 18th Century hunting frock over at A Woodsrunner’s Diary.

Here’s some easy to follow instructions on drying meat for preservation.

Prepping to Survive has a post on navigation by the stars.

Cody Lundin has a blog post on using Cinnamon medicinally.

Here’s a great video from Dirt Time on walking sticks.

Removing sheep or deer hooves.

Do it yourself tooth powder made the old fashioned way.

Improvised emergency glue.

Prep-Blog has two articles on using lever actions for self-defense. One for pistol calibers and one for rifle calibers.

Watch out for bears.

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