Around the Campfire 11/22/11

I just bought a Rossi Ranch Hand and have not been able to get to a range yet. I’m chomping at the bit to try it out. Useless? Maybe, but I’ve always wanted a “canoe gun” or “blanket gun” like the ones made by by North Star West and the Ranch Hand is kind of a modern version of this. It’ll definitely go hiking with me if I can ever get out of the ever urbanizing Greenville County and into some real woods. Bah! I should have moved more rural – damn my love of fine restaurants!

Le Loup has a great pictorial on tomahawk and ax carrying methods.

Ranging, Pathfinding, Bushcraft and Survival Notes has an article on water purification and water borne illnesses.

Wood Trekker has a post on putting together a cheap day hike outfit.

Dave Canterbury talks about utilizing resource – Black Walnuts and ‘Possum Tallow.

Buyer beware! Chinese Counterfeiters are flooding America with fake silver and gold.

Russian hackers were able to damage the physical workings of a water plant in Illinois. Are you prepared for when the water stops running?

Amazon has a deal on G24 Power Curve portable solar chargers. Under $32.

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