Around the Campfire 3/18/12

We’re introducing a Frugal Living category that will focus on ways to save money and beat inflation. Writers who want to submit articles should contact me through the contact form.

Backwoods Home has an informative article for what the future holds for America called A quick tour of hyperinflation and the possible consequences for America. has a post on survival trapping. Interesting but check local laws before trying snaring and remember that the fur market is booming now which means more furs will come in to auction depressing prices fairly soon.

The Shooter’s Log has a list of companies and organizations that are helping destroy your 2nd Amendment rights. I will never deal with any of these groups again.

The Daily Caller has a scandalous list of recommended carbines for home defense. Only one is an AR! Mall Ninjas everywhere are up in arms.

Just read about the new Savage 42 O/U in Fur-Fish-Game. Want! I’m going to sell my pistol grip Mossberg Persuader to buy one.

An old article from the Ayoob files detailing a random attack on a couple by outlaw bikers which ended in one biker shot dead – and a man defending himself on trial for murder.

The excellent Survival UK is looking for input into changes made on that site.

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