Around the Campfire 3/22/12

Been busy planting my seedlings, going heavy on the peppers this year and trying my hand at a couple of kinds of peas. There was quite a to-do around her as I found mushrooms (!?!)growing in some of my seedlings in my study. The Mrs was not pleased and some of my babies were put out without as much hardening off as I like but they seem to be doing fine.

Speaking of gardening A Mom’s Journey into Being Prepared has a post about her spring garden and getting her kids involved.

Off the Grid News has a useful post on making candles.

Dave Canterbury has a video on making char cloth.

Farm and Ranch Guide has an interesting article on research into blight resistant potatoes.

A new species of frog was discovered … in NYC?

Safari time! Dog-headed pig monster terrorizing African villages!

Outdoor Life has a Hunger Game Survival Challenge that’s a fun way to kill a few minutes.

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