Around the Campfire 3/31/13 – Back to Survival Blogging!

Wild Wasteland Warrior Women!I’m negotiating becoming a contributor at a survival related blog so I may start posting more “prepper” related material. I still intend to keep HTT a homage to the men’s adventure magazines of the past however but there’s a lot of reasons to keep current with your “preps” in these times. Besides, TEOTWAWKI is the new sexy!

Time asks If There’s No Inflation Why are Prices Up So Much? That’s a real brain teaser.

Is Pope Francis the Pope (supposedly) prophesied by St. Malachy to sit in the Vatican at the end of the world?

North Korean saber rattling seems more intense recently.

Speaking of the end of the world, a teacher in Norway was fired after she was found giving out her blood to kindergarten students who would then drink it.

Tampa is being eaten by sinkholes.

An Algae bloom has killed 174 manatees in Florida.

Popular Mechanics has a article on stocking your disaster pantry.

Not enough doomsday porn? Listen to this Micheal Panzer podcast titled Finally Waking Up to Reality.

Still not on the survival bandwagon? Try watching 1984 British nuclear war disaster porn Threads and try not to run out to stock potassium iodide and a few months worth of food.

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