Around the Campfire 3/6/12

I’ve been gardening so things are getting lax around here. Here’s a couple of links that woodsbums, preppers, and all the other people that read sites like this will like.

Bens Backwoods has an excellent article on using natural stones to as sharpeners.

Here’s a video of a guy making a traditional oilskin tarp.

I found a great old blog post concerning making dandelion coffee.

Patrice Lewis has an interesting article called Bad Guys and Monsters which is not HTT related but I really enjoyed.

Skean Dhude has a thought provoking article about the dangers of animals after a collapse or disaster called Insurrection in the Animal Kingdom

Read Five Minutes of Hate? Check by Roberta X




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2 Responses to Around the Campfire 3/6/12

  1. Skean Dhude says:

    Thank you for the link.

    As you have seen I like to think outside the box and explore areas that are rarely mentioned. I think that many see being prepared as ready to feed and defend yourself for a few months and then it will be back to normal. I don’t. I hope nothing major happens because the aftermath will not be nice and even being prepared is not going to be enough for many of us.

    On the other hand we are preparing so we need to consider these things so that being prepared is enough.

  2. admin says:

    Agree whole heartedly with your comments. Being prepared for anything is part of living a self-sufficient lifestyle – oone our ancestors used to live as recently as 100 years ago. Keep up the good work brother.

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