Around the Campfire 4/12/13 – Politics Edition


That’s freedom baby

Been away but I’m back. Clearing out some stories for a couple of around the campfires so let’s start with politics. In case you’re wondering I’m a commie hating freedom lover.

16 Republicans are caving on your 2nd Amendment rights.

Here’s a list of politicians who supported the UN gun grab – make sure yours isn’t on there.

Here’s a quick debunking of the supposedly low UK murder rate which is used to bludgeon Americans.

The (highly political) reason Colorado is running out of water.

Interview with Colorado undersherriff who says DHS is telling cops to watch out for Christians who take the Bible literally.

Everything you need to know about the Maryland “Rain tax” fiasco.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio got a bomb in the mail – probably related to the recall movement being run by a Huffpo contributor. you border state wanderers watch yourselves, it’s about to get hot down there.

NY town forces veteran group to take down their Gadsden flag – after calling it a Nazi flag.

Kansas City is waging a war on the dug out camps of the homeless by claiming they are actually staging areas for crime. They’re not.

I heard some suckers are buying bricks of .22 lr for hundreds of bucks. You shouldn’t have waited until there was a panic to stock up. Anyway stop paying out that kind of money and give the ammo companies a few weeks to ramp up production  You’re going to feel awfully silly when the market is flooded with $25 bricks.

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