Around the Campfire 5/30/12 – Wild Adventures Edition

Been busy again with a now very productive garden and a new puppy but I have a collection of stories for the outdoorsman sure to tickle your fancy and have you out in the wood (or cities) seeking the kind of adventure that can only be found when you put on your pack and head out into the world with no particular destination in mind:

There’s video embedded in this Scientific American article on the unusual talents of plants that shows a parasitic Dodder Vine actually sniffing out it’ helpless victim. Very weird.

The corpse of¬† big cat was found in Scotland that people are calling a Puma. Problem is witnesses say the beast was jet black and it may have been the cub of an “black panther” that has been the subject of numerous¬†sightings and plenty of debate sightings recently.

Nick Redfern has an essay on hidden wild coypu populations in England.

While everyone else in the country is worried about declining bee populations NYC has been overrun by bee swarms.

Cryptomundo has a post up on the Nain Rouge – Bigfoot’s red furred super aggressive dwarf cousin that resides in Michigan.

If you’re ever in southeastern Pennsylvania you might want to hike around Cossart Rd near the Delaware border. It’s otherwise known as the Devil’s Road because in many spots trees grow bending away from the road as if the road is so evil they’re trying to escape. Sounds like it’s make a hell of a evening hike!

Big game hunters may want to get ready for the upcoming wolf season – the first in the upper midwest states in decades unless animal rights groups have their way.

Speaking of wolves Oregon ranchers are suffering a spate of wolf attacks.

Who says fishing is boring – veteran loses prosthetic hand to fish during tournament.

Get out there and find some adventures of your own!



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