Around the Campfire 6-16-11

Just picked up my copy of Fur-Fish-Game from the mailbox and flipped right to the fur markets. Stores of fur are low and traders are expecting buyers to be willing to buy furs at high prices. Some our predicting good quality fall muskrat to move at $7-$8 each. By the end of the season Lynx went from $400 to $1000 at auctions and traders expect the same to happen again. If you plan on taking up trapping or have taken a hiatus now is a good time to try your luck. ginseng and goldenseal are still have good markets. $300-$350 a pound for exportable ginseng root. Goldenseal root is moving at a eye-brow raising $18 and even the leaves are going for $2. There’s money out there for woodsbums, now go grab it.

Indiana has set two public hearings on proposed deer-hunting rule changes. Residents may want to show up to voice their report. Dee seasons are proposed to be extended and crossbows will be allowed during archery sessions.

Three New York counties have passed a law making rifle hunting of bear and deer there legal. It had been allowed as a temporary measure but this law makes it permanent.

U.S. Sportsman’s Alliance won a huge victory for hunting and fishing rights on public lands.

California wind farms are decimating the states Golden Eagle population.

Drought and wildfires have punished Texas farmers.

American Rifleman has a review of Gunsite’s new Single Action Defensive Shooting program.

Michael Bane has a great summery of the Gunwalker scandal.

Video of deep sea fishing gone very wrong. Also, there’s a spider that spins it’s own scuba gear in Europe.

Nightmares in the snake house!

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