Around the Campfire – 9/7/11

Things are getting tough out there and the recent storms have just made things worse. In Iowa thieves stole 42,000 pounds of meat by hijacking a tractor trailer. I think things are going to get a lot worse before they get any better. Time to really start brushing up on those rusty skills:

Via Captain Caveman we have this two part Forest Service training film dealing with use, care and maintenance of saws and axes. Part I and Part II. The beginning is worth watching even though it deals with Forest Service culture.

In the same vein Modern Survival Online has an excellent short essay on sharpening blades.

Here’s another video on making Zeer Pots for powerless refrigeration. These storms have shown us how quickly you may be without refrigeration.

Scribd has an upload of of the excellent William Carnegie book How to Trap and Snare available for your viewing.

Ferfal wrote a great piece a couple of weeks ago on the realities of living through an economic collapse called What kills you after an Economic Collapse.

Doom and Bloom has a article on using essential oils for first aid.

Backwoods Home has a good article on junk silver.

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