Around the Campfire – Animal Attack Edition

There’s been a whole lot of animal attacks in the news so here’s a round up:

A man in Colorado died two weeks after getting 19 black widow bites on his foot. Sounds more like MRSA to me but authorities are blaming the spiders.

A coyote that attacked a two-rear-old boy in a Colorado sub-division has been put down according to authorities. The animal attacked the boy while he was walking with his father.

Multiple sightings of a Mountain Lion in Ohio include a report where the animal was seen preying on local ducks.

Also in Ohio officials admit covering up multiple sightings of a “Black Leopard” which may have been someone’s exotic pet. They came forward after the sightings became widely disseminated on the Internet.

British Columbia residents have been warned about “gangs” of aggressive raccoons attacking pets. So fat cats have been the primary targets, but as the animals get more confident dogs and then people will be getting attacked.

An 80-year-old mother battled a rabid fox which had attacked the woman’s daughter. The octogenarian broke the animals spine with blows from a shovel and has become a local hero.

Rabid raccoons have been a problem in the Hampton.

A Mountain Lion attacked a dog on a hiking trail near Canmore, Alberta. This was reportedly the fifth incident involving this particular animal and it was put down.


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