Around the Campfire July 2, 2011

Quick round of links before I get back to my multi-day celebration of patriotism, national pride and BBQ.

31-year old record for Blue Marlin in the Bahamas has been broken.

The government has announced a new initiative to protect the spotted owl. They plan on killing of native species in the area that compete with the endangered bird.

Residents of Fresno, California think they’ve seen a “Thunderbird” in their skies recently.

Arizona Fish and Game completed a necropsy on an adult black bear that confirms it was the animal that attacked a woman recently. It was not rabid.

Hunters and ranchers believe there might be a mountain lion attacking livestock in Ohio.

A jogger in Washington State survived a bear attack.

Hmmm. The DOD suspends sale of expended military brass to civilian companies.

Florida anglers got more than they bargained for when they hooked a 25 foot giant squid while fishing in a 23-foot boat.

A man caught a 94 inch halibut while vacationing in Alaska. It might be a record – it also might technically be illegal.

Have a happy 4th!

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