Around the Campfire – More Animal Attacks!

Since my last Around the Campfire I got some emails from people saying they were nervous about the “increase” in animal attacks on people. I’m not sure if there is an increase or not as in my four decades on Earth I’ve heard of hundreds of animal attacks and have been attacked by raccoons, feral dogs and other critters myself. But since SYFY (the world’s worst science fiction channel) is going to show a couple of John Rebel movies (Bear and Wolftown) that are “homages” to the nature revenge movies of the 70s (my favorite was The Frogs) I guess people have had their appetites whetted for some animal on man action.

A woman in Washington State was attacked by a “pack” of raccoons. She was hospitalized and would have died if not for her loyal canine companion taking on the vicious gang.

In Northern California a mountain lion attacked a sleeping camper who had set up on Shady Creek. The animal is still on the loose.

A man died of a copperhead bite in Missouri. He actually died of a heart attack after being bitten but the snake bite was a “contributing factor” in his death.

In Canada a woman had to fight of 14 dogs who were attacking her beagle in her own driveway.

Also up north authorities had to shoot a cougar dead after it mauled a dog. It is suspected that the animal escaped from an exotic pet farm.

Feral dogs are attacking farm goats in NW Pennsylvania.

A dog walker was only slightly injured fending off a black bear in Middle Smithfield Township in Pennsylvania.

There has been a “huge” uptick in rattlesnake bites in California recently.

A pack of pitbulls went on a rampage on July 4th that left one man seriously injured near Delhi, California.

An alligator bit off a boys arm in Florida. The tough little guy says he wants the ‘gator’s head for his wall.

And here’s one of my favorite scenes from the movie The Frogs. Pretty scary stuff, right?

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