Around the Campfire – Pulp Adventure Edition

We can all claim that like George Sears we like to hunt, trap and wander for peace of mind but admit it – we all want adventure. In all my wanderings in cities, towns and woods I always secretly hoped for some sort of pulp style adventure that I could tell my grand children about. Those adventures are out there, waiting for you:

In Florida a woman and her two dogs were set upon by an angry swarm of Africanized honey bees. Unfortunately the dogs did not survive the attack.

Pennsylvania officials are scrambling to catch a wild animal that might be a wolf, though no one is actually sure what it is. It’s been spotted in parks and near homes.

Couple out for a pleasant afternoon drive in the country run into surreal, psychedelic snake monster! I hear marijuana causes snake monsters to appear … in your head.

Bigfoot is kidnapping women in British Columbia?

Cortes’ Lost City of Gold found in Honduras!

Aggressive coyotes terrorizing Southern California. Authorities say attacks by coyotes are “rare” but we all know that’s a load of crap.

American tourists on safari in South Africa witness horrific farm murder.

Women and children sacrificed on the bloodsoaked altar of Saint Death!

“Gentle” chimps on the Jane Goodall preserve grab American student, drag him more than a mile and nearly kill him.

Get out there and find some action packed adventure.


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