At Least 10 Different Feral Dog Packs Terrorizing Fayetteville, NC

And North Carolina being North Carolina have come up with a “solution” guaranteed to increase the ranks of feral dogs. From

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — Local officials say 10 packs of wild dogs are roaming Fayetteville neighborhoods, menacing both people and pets.

The Fayetteville Observer reports Saturday that Cumberland County officials estimate that as many as 150 animals are currently on the loose in the city’s streets.

Fayetteville City Councilman Jim Arp says residents have told him the dogs are killing their pet cats.

John Lauby of the Animal Services Department says his animal control officers have shot and killed nine feral dogs in the past two weeks. Lauby says there may be more packs than usual this year because more owners are abandoning their animals.

Lauby says he’s working on a plan to step up efforts collecting county pet licensing fees to increase spending for animal control.

Of course feral dog packs begin with dog owners who can’t afford their animals love them too much to take them to “no kill” shelters where the dogs are virtually guaranteed to die. Stepping up fee collection efforts will simply push more people into letting their beloved pets stray in the hopes of avoiding the fee.

Not to mention some of these dogs are covertly owned by people avoiding fees already. No doubt increased regulation and licensing makes people more likely to let their pets run to avoid the liability. I’ve met people who let their cats roam the neighborhood all day and night specifically so they wouldn’t have to pay for them. With cats it’s just a case of being a cheap bastard, with dogs things get dangerous.

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