Bee Swarm Terrorizing California Neighborhood

Which seems to happen much more often than one would think. There’s no word if these are “africanized’ bees but since the common honey bee is happy to live next to you sans killing sprees I’m just going to assume these are killer bees:

Aggressive swarms of bees tormenting a Southern California neighborhood have killed a family dog.

Residents in the southwest Riverside County community of Wildomar say the bees can be heard buzzing at certain times of the day. People are now timing their comings and goings to the bees’ schedule.

Kim Bammes’ chocolate Labrador mix, Reggie, died after being stung so many times the veterinarian lost count.

The Riverside Press-Enterprise says Bammes tried but failed to get help from the county or city. County officials say there’s little they can do because the hive is on a neighbor’s private property.

The bees built large nests on Bammes’ home and an exterminator killed some 8,000 bees. But the exterminator warns the bees will return if the main hive with the queen isn’t eliminated.


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