California Democrat Proposes Bill to Ban All Rifle Ammunition

California Democrat Kevin De Leon says right on his website that he believes handgun ammunition fuels gang violence in Los Angles:

While walking precincts during my first campaign, I stumbled across bullet casings on sidewalks – just feet from where children were playing. I have ever since been determined to get the handgun ammunition that fuels this violence out of the hands of criminals and gang-bangers.

Of course he’s been silent his entire career on the anti-Black racism that drives Latino hate crimes and gang violence in his city. When I blogged about politics I covered such stories several times. Here’s just a taste of the nightmare Black Americans endure at the hands of racist illegal alien dominated gangs:

I actually have dozens of these stories but the focus here is not on racism, but on the left’s attempts to disarm law abiding citizens while openly allowing criminal elements to become their de facto political weapons. From The Inland Valley Daily Bulletin:

The latest legislation working its way through the California legislature would effectively ban rifle shooting and hunting in California by making the ammunition illegal.

My reading of SB 124, authored by the vehemently anti-gun Kevin De Leon, is it would ban the sale of most rifle ammunition in California under clever loopholes written into the bill. The legislation says it’s trying to update and redefine handgun ammunition that can penetrate bulletproof vests worn by law enforcement so bad guys can’t legally possess this ammunition. It redefines handgun ammunition as any ammunition that may be fired in a handgun or any weapon concealable on a person.

Since there are at least two or three single-shot handguns on the market that are chambered for virtually all ammunition primarily designed for rifles, the redefinition would include virtually all ammunition made “primarily” for rifles. And since almost all rifle ammunition is powerful enough to penetrate all body armor, the bill would ban nearly all rifle ammunition.

De Leon will say they’ve changed the existing provisions in the old law, which carefully defined body armor-piercing handgun ammunition so it didn’t include rifle ammunition, by deleting the words “capable of penetrating” and inserting “designed to penetrate” in the law. But I can tell you with certainty judges and attorney generals in this state will say you can’t buy, sell, or shoot any ammunition which could be used in a handgun that will penetrate body armor.

This bill has passed the California Senate and is being heard in the assembly.

This amounts to the latest back-door try to ban hunting and shooting in this state.

Ironically, a lot of us thought it would be handguns that would be banned first in California, but this bill would effectively ban the shooting of most rifles because the ammunition would be illegal to possess. You still could have the guns, but the ammunition would be illegal. And most handguns and ammunition still would be legal.

The author may miss the point. As California’s economy tanks and descends into chaos De Leon and his ilk envision a glorious revolution – where gang bangers are the Bolsheviks. This bill is about stopping you from having the ability to subsistence hunt if necessary, and defend your house from people at a safe distance. Allowing handgun ammunition keeps the gang bangers he’s so upset about flush with bullets while effectively disarming the many hunters and shooters who only own rifles.

In other words it creates a situation where criminals can get the rounds they want and need, but your uncle who hunts deer can’t. You don’t need to be conspiracy minded to see that this only makes sense as an attack on the law abiding while actually empowering the criminal element.


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