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The Mountain Men

Someone posted this documentary over at Natural Bushcraft and I am glad they did. I remember seeing bits and pieces of this a couple of years ago and it’s an excellent little film that gives a great overview of the … Continue reading

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Medicinal Plants Article from Science Tech Entrepreneur

2007 article that was uploaded to Scribd. Lots of good information so check it out: Medicinal_plants.pdf

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101 Uses for Paracord

A Long-Term Survival Guide – 101 Uses for Paracord

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Dave Canturbury and Cody Lundin Have New eBooks Out

The Dual Survival stars each have ebooks out for the Kindle that are great deals. Cody Lundin has a book out called Cody Lundin’s Disaster Survival Kit which is a 72 page discussion of bug out bags and what you … Continue reading

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Dual Survival: Panic in the Jungle

Americans don’t have a lot of jungle to get stuck in but this is one of my favorite episodes of the series. Enjoy: Part I: Part II: Part III:

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