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Oregon Rancher Eaten by Hogs!

Tragic and horrible story but I am posting it because just recently someone I know told me that being worried about animals attacking people is paranoia. These were tame, farm raised pigs, imagine what feral pigs will do to a … Continue reading

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Aggressive Wolf Pack Targeted in Washington State

There’s a pack of wolves in Washington state that have been attacking cattle so the authorities have decided to cull them. Last I heard they got two but the pack may be as big as eight: Two gray wolves in … Continue reading

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“Mystery Cat” Spotted in East Hampton, NY

And by “mystery cat” we mean Mountain Lion. Apparently several large, grey cats described as panthers have been spotted in the area. Authorities are baffled! Sightings of a “panther-like animal” and a mysterious set of tracks just a mile and a half … Continue reading

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Dead Shark Carcass on Beach Makes Rhode Island Officials Keep People Out of the Water

Why was the beach shut down? Was there a theory that the water is contaminated? Here’s a little more from the report: Marine officials confirmed that the shark was in fact a Great White and weighs about 1700 lbs. The … Continue reading

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The Legend of Boggy Creek

I’m going to admit now that aside from the summer fishing trips with my grandparents the one thing that got me interested in wandering through the lonely, wooded places was this movie which I saw as part of a double … Continue reading

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