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Silent but Deadly: Guns and Gardens DIY Hunting Gear

Episode 11 of Guns and Gardens is a discussion on cheap, silent weapons for small game and a nice DIY set up for turning your wrist rocket into a sling bow. Shorter than usual but a must watch:

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Making a Leather Drawstring Pouch

Keith “La Loup” Burgess shows how he makes leather drawstring pouches, which he uses in historical trekking. It’s a deceptively simple skill that many of us have forgotten. On his blog A Woodsrunner’s Diary he has a post on using … Continue reading

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Boiled Puddings by Jas Townsend

Another great instructional video by the folks at Jas Townsend and Sons. These recipes date back a few hundred years and like always they’re prepared using colonial era equipment so aside from being interesting historical curiosities these recipes can be … Continue reading

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DIY Rain Barrel

I found this video on Survival Starter that gives some good instruction on making your own rain barrel. Since barrels in my area are selling for $150+ this is one project I am looking to cut corners on:

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Around the Campfire – Survival Candle Round-up Edition

I’m a big fan of preparing for non-electric living for emergencies. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on the ability to generate power during blackouts I like to be prepared to live days, weeks, months or even years without power … Continue reading

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