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You Can Shoot .32 ACP Out of a .327 Federal Revolver (But Why Would You Want To?)

I guess the answer to that is because you can. But let’s backtrack a bit here. Like many people who peruse the gun owning side of the Internet I come across a lot of theories, opinions and advice that seems … Continue reading

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Super Comanche Pistol Review

If you’re like me you like guns with character. The single shot .45/410 pistol is definitely a gun with character and the Super Comanches that hit U.S. Markets awhile ago were priced right. The problem I always had with them … Continue reading

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Record Setting Mako Shark Caught in California

Here’s the report from Yahoo! News via The Blaze which has photos. This beast was an 11 footer and weighed 1,323.5 pounds! Luckily they didn’t need a bigger boat:

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Bow-Mag Bullet Tipped Arrowheads

Finally someone is making arrows a costumed vigilante would be proud of. A company called Rac-Em-Bac is making arrowheads that are just housings for a .357 Magnum or .38 Special round and are of course designed to fire on impact. … Continue reading

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What’s The Best Trail Gun For You by Skeeter Skelton

The following piece is a 1977 article¬†written¬†by the legendary Charles Allan “Skeeter” Skelton for Shooting Times. It’s been floating around for a while on forums and such so I’m going to just assume SI doesn’t mind the reprint. I ran … Continue reading

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