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Meat Smoker from an Old Refrigerator

Via Possum Living this video shows you how to make a smoker out of an old ‘fridge without spending a lot of money and using very basic tools.

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Potting Meat in a Crock the Old Fashioned Way

Via the Internet Wayback Machine this little snip-it of old time country life is some of the useful knowledge our high tech culture has lost. Originally posted on Al Durtschi’s unfortunately defunct The Old Timer’s Page sometime in the 1990s this is how Gordon … Continue reading

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The Joys of Suet!

Another great 18th century cooking video by Jas Townsend & Sons showing how to process and use traditional suet. They have a cooking blog called Savoring the Past which has some more culinary uses for suet ranging from making traditional … Continue reading

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Eat the Weeds Episode 136: Blueberries and Huckleberries

A lot of people have taken to foraging as a hobby these days, and with the prices of berries in the store reaching criminal levels berries of all kinds are becoming the favorite target for the forager. “Green” Deane from … Continue reading

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You Can’t Grow Store Bought Potatoes – The Myth That Costs You Money

That handsome plant in between my goat horn pepper plant I started in the Spring and my four year old fig tree is a purple potato plant I started about two weeks ago. I did not start it from a … Continue reading

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