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Firebox Portable Campfire Review

This looks like a larger, fancier version of the old Pocket Cooker concept available through outfits like Backwoodsman Mercantile. The design is different but the theory is the same – a folding stove designed in such a way that any … Continue reading

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Video Reviews of the Bounty Hunter Quick Draw 2

With precious metals prices at the levels they are and the economy tanking treasure hunting is becoming a popular and sometimes lucrative hobby. The price for getting good metal detecting can be prohibitive and buying cheap gear can cut into … Continue reading

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Range Review: Sellier and Bellot .32 S&W Long Wadcutters

Let me begin this review with a word about the supposed dangers of lead which have forced many indoor ranges – including the one I usually use – to ban lead ammunition. There is no legitimate scientific evidence that proves … Continue reading

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Hornady Lock-N-Load AP Instructional Video Series

Been out for a while but if you’re like me and are in the market for some reloading equipment video series like these can help narrow down the decision. This takes you through everything needed to set yourself up to … Continue reading

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Nutnfancy on the S&W 317 – Not Worth the Money

I was a little surprised to see that YouTube gun guru Nutnfancy was not impressed with the S&W 317 8-shot .22 revolver but after watching his review I totally agree even without firing one for myself. The crux of the … Continue reading

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