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The Unhappy Hunting Ground: Catching Game Post-TEOTWAWKI

This post was originally written in 2009 for the now defunct American Survival Blog. There is perhaps no idea that will lead to more starving people after any collapse scenario than the “I’ll just go hunting/fishing” scheme that many inexperienced … Continue reading

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French Shepards Tormented by “Ravenous Wolves”

Wolves were thought to be extinct in France since the 1930s but now the country hosts a population of around 200. Decades of urbanization, cultural Marxism and radical environmentalism have created a perfect storm that is consuming French livestock as … Continue reading

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Monster Gator Caught by Houston Lawyer

Alternate title: Texas Shark Kills King of the Gators! From The Daily Mail: It was his first ever alligator hunt, but lawyer Levi McCathern made sure his name will go into the record books. With a single shot he killed … Continue reading

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Wrestling Legend Shawn Michaels to Host Hunting Program on The Outdoor Channel Program

Former WWE superstar and sport’s entertainment legend Shawn Michaels will be hosting a hunting themed show on The Outdoor Channel called MacMillian River Adventures. The show will pair Michaels with the owner of the McMillian River Adventure Camp Keith Mark, … Continue reading

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Pig Bomb Goes Off in San Diego

In 2006 pigs were released into the wild from the Capitan Grande Indian Reservation into San Diego county where a small population of wild pigs may have already existed. This year there authorities in Sand Diego estimate that there are … Continue reading

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