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The Great Long Island Alligator Horde!

Long Island, NY may well be the setting of a modern day horror movie if these reports are right. SIX alligators have been caught in the area recently which means either someone had a lot of pet alligators that they’re … Continue reading

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Thousands of Crows Invade Pennsylvania Community

Remember this story when someone tells you hunting is a barbaric relic of the past that has no usefulness in modern society. The people in this area have no idea what to do about thousands of nuisance crows. No idea. … Continue reading

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Invasive Pythons Destroy Biodiversity of the Everglades

People have long warned about the threat to Florida’s native wildlife posed by the exploding population of non-native reptiles, especially pythons and anacondas. Now a new study has confirmed that “biodiversity” in the everglades has already been permanently altered: Florida’s … Continue reading

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Payback! Over 50,000 Feral Hogs From America Overrun Mexico

Ironic since a new report suggests more than a third of the most destructive Arizona wildfires were directly traceable to illegal border crossers: People entering the U.S. illegally from Mexico are believed responsible for more than one-third of human-ignited wildfires … Continue reading

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Crying Wolf: Exposing the Wolf Introduction to Yellowstone National Park

This excellent documentary by young film maker Jeffery King is a must watch for anyone interested in the wolf debate. Lots of good information for countering the anti-human, pro-wolf agiprop that the deep green movement has successfully used to help … Continue reading

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