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The Great North Carolina Bee Heist!

Over 20,000 bees were stolen from a bee keeper inĀ Alamance County, N.C. in a bizarre crime that, oddly, only cost the victim a few grand: A beekeeper said he went to check on his bees and found all 20,000 of … Continue reading

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Yeti Sightings on the Rise in Russia

Anyone who’s been outdoors has a story of seeing something odd when they’re alone. Russian outdoorsman are no different, they’re just drunker: A group of yetis are on the loose in Sibera, fishermen and a forestry worker have claimed. There … Continue reading

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Dead Shark Carcass on Beach Makes Rhode Island Officials Keep People Out of the Water

Why was the beach shut down? Was there a theory that the water is contaminated? Here’s a little more from the report: Marine officials confirmed that the shark was in fact a Great White and weighs about 1700 lbs. The … Continue reading

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Gunslingers Rejoice! Taurus Buys Heritage Arms!

While not always practical many of us love our “cowboy” guns and prefer to spend our gun dollars on classically styled firearms that provide not just utility but nostalgia for the by gone days of white hats and wild women. … Continue reading

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Surprise! NBC Lies in Anti-Gun Propaganda Report Targeting Remington

Via Firearm Blog observe a thoroughly corrupted media in action: Support Remington by at least buying some ammo they make. I just put in a big order myself.

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