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80,000 Pounds of Walnuts Hijacked from California Freight Company!

When I ran a crime blog I remember covering some large scale meat and produce thefts a couple of years into the Great Recession. This is the first time I’ve heard of walnuts being targeted but it makes sense. Walnuts … Continue reading

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Harvesting Road Killed Deer

Dual Survival alum Dave Canterbury has been working hard on the Pathfinder School YouTube channel sharing some valuable skills for the 21st Century Longhunter as he terms it. One skill we all should be learning is taking advantage of every opportunity to attain … Continue reading

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Yeti Sightings on the Rise in Russia

Anyone who’s been outdoors has a story of seeing something odd when they’re alone. Russian outdoorsman are no different, they’re just drunker: A group of yetis are on the loose in Sibera, fishermen and a forestry worker have claimed. There … Continue reading

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Invasive Pythons Destroy Biodiversity of the Everglades

People have long warned about the threat to Florida’s native wildlife posed by the exploding population of non-native reptiles, especially pythons and anacondas. Now a new study has confirmed that “biodiversity” in the everglades has already been permanently altered: Florida’s … Continue reading

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“Local Food Sourcing” for Fun and Profit

I’m not promoting this sort of “locavorism” which tends to be much more of a pretension than a practical reality in a culture that has very few farmers, trappers, ranchers and fisherman left. However this video does illustrate a fad … Continue reading

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