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Study Shows Adventure Increases Brain Function

Researchers in Germany have “proven” what we all already knew – that getting out in the world and exploring keeps you sharp. In a word if you want to be smarter you need to get off the Internet and into … Continue reading

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Christopher Nyerges on Destiny Survival Radio

This is a great interview from the Preparedness Radio Network where Old Ways guru Christopher Nyerges being interviewed on the Destiny Survival show that touches on the question of whether or not “going primitive” is a real possibility for the average person during a disaster or … Continue reading

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Potting Meat in a Crock the Old Fashioned Way

Via the Internet Wayback Machine this little snip-it of old time country life is some of the useful knowledge our high tech culture has lost. Originally posted on Al Durtschi’s unfortunately defunct The Old Timer’s Page sometime in the 1990s this is how Gordon … Continue reading

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The Joys of Suet!

Another great 18th century cooking video by Jas Townsend & Sons showing how to process and use traditional suet. They have a cooking blog called Savoring the Past which has some more culinary uses for suet ranging from making traditional … Continue reading

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Harvesting Road Killed Deer

Dual Survival alum Dave Canterbury has been working hard on the Pathfinder School YouTube channel sharing some valuable skills for the 21st Century Longhunter as he terms it. One skill we all should be learning is taking advantage of every opportunity to attain … Continue reading

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