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Wisconsin Democrat Gun Control Bill Would Have Banned Hunting … Drafters Claim Ignorance

Wisconsin Democrat lawmakers introduced a bill that would have banned hollow point and frangible ammunition which people were quick to point out conflicted with DNR rules mandating that only hollow points and frangible ammunition can be used while hunting deer and bear. The three lawmakers were … Continue reading

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Happy National 2nd Amendment Day!

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Minnesota Farmer Beats Raw Milk Rap

Having solved all the other problems in the world state and federal authorities have been waging a war on the scourge that is unpasteurized milk. The theory behind this seems to be that people are too stupid to choose their own food and it’s the … Continue reading

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AR-15s and Parts Out of Stock

Firearm Blog posted about the current AR shortages and started a firestorm in the comments as left leaning gun owners took umbrage to the point the author made about sales being increased by gun owner distrust of Democrats and Obama. … Continue reading

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Surprise! NBC Lies in Anti-Gun Propaganda Report Targeting Remington

Via Firearm Blog observe a thoroughly corrupted media in action: Support Remington by at least buying some ammo they make. I just put in a big order myself.

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