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Hunter-Trader-Trapper Vol XX No 1

I get a lot of people writing in looking for old issues of H-T-T. This blog is an homage to the old outdoorsman/adventure magazines of the early 20th century and is not associated with A.R. Harding publications.¬†You can find old … Continue reading

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Useful Wild Plants of the United States and Canada by Charles Francis Saunders

Keeping with the theme of knowledge that will help you survive incidents like Hurricane Sandy I’m presenting a Scrbid version and linking to a .pdf of an excellent book detailing useful plants that are common and can be easily foraged, … Continue reading

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The Hunter and Trapper by Halsey Thrasher

Another old time book of woods-bumming wisdom saved from obscurity by the Internet. This book is written by a Blacksmith who grew up hunting and trapping in the late 1800s and early 1900s. He gives advice on trapping and hunting … Continue reading

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Free Trapping Books on Kindle

I love having a Kindle because it allows me to not only have hundreds of books on tape but Amazon has a lot of free downloads available. I just found some great old school trapping books that are available for … Continue reading

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Dave Canturbury and Cody Lundin Have New eBooks Out

The Dual Survival stars each have ebooks out for the Kindle that are great deals. Cody Lundin has a book out called Cody Lundin’s Disaster Survival Kit which is a 72 page discussion of bug out bags and what you … Continue reading

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