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Saxton Pope’s Yahi Archery

Another great find on Scribd. Saxton Pope is the father of traditional archery in this country. This is one of his works which should be of interest to people interested in the bow and arrow. Pope Yahi Archery

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Some Real Deals on Amazon for Cyber Monday (or Any Day)

I notice that there are some survival and preparedness related blogs out there pimping Amazon link heavy posts for Cyber Monday deals on things that you just don’t need – like large selections of flashlights. I like my flashlight as … Continue reading

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Dr. R.W. Oelslager’s Bushcraft Notes

The full title of this unknown classic is Bushcraft, Scouting and Woodslore Notes and it’s less an book on bushcraft and more an encyclopedia of facts the woodsbum needs. The good doctor covers everything from understanding Rockwell hardness to building … Continue reading

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ABCs of Reloading Kindle Edition Available for $2.99

The Firearms Blog found this great deal on the newest edition of Rodney Jame’s ABCs of Reloading in Kindle format. It costs just $2.99 and of course can be run on your PC or some smart phone platforms. If you … Continue reading

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