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How to Make a Split Stick Deadfall

A simple trap anyone with a good knife can make in a pinch, made by YouTuber MiloSlavJMP:

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The Hunter and Trapper by Halsey Thrasher

Another old time book of woods-bumming wisdom saved from obscurity by the Internet. This book is written by a Blacksmith who grew up hunting and trapping in the late 1800s and early 1900s. He gives advice on trapping and hunting … Continue reading

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Dave Canterbury on the Versatile #110 Conibear

I’m no trapper but I do stock a number of mouse and rat traps in case things ever get so desperate that I need to start trapping animals for food. Along with snare wire and Dale Martin’s Trapper’s Bible any … Continue reading

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Trapping Tales from The Wild North

If you’re like me you’ve idly wished for a simple life of trapping and long hunting while sitting in your warm house. But we wake up and realize that it is a life of privation and hardship most of us … Continue reading

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“Yeti” Skin Set to Bring Big Bucks at Swiss Aution

From GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The most affordable auction in Geneva, one with some 500 items that are valued at under CHF300, features an unusual item this year, a blue bearskin that was for a long time reputed to be … Continue reading

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