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Apache Death Caves!

Back in 1878 a group of Apache raiders fell upon a Navajo village near the Little Colorado and killed every man, woman and child except for three young girls who were taken back to their lair for more unspeakable crimes … Continue reading

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700 Tons of Gold Ore Disappear off Russia’s Pacific Coast

Calling all treasure hunters! MOSCOW – A vessel with a nine-person crew and 700 tons of gold ore onboard has disappeared in stormy seas off Russia’s Pacific Coast. The ship sent a distress call on Sunday as it was sailing … Continue reading

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The Bizarre Saga of the Space Buddha

It’s well known that the Nazis sent out multiple expeditions to far flung corners of the world searching for “occult” knowledge which would prove their ridiculous Master Race theory. In the late 1930s one such expedition returned to Germany with  the “iron … Continue reading

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Shark Attacks Treasure Hunter!

No one said finding treasure was easy: A LENNOX Head woman has been attacked by a 3m shark while working for professional treasure hunters in Tonga. Kylie Maguire has worked on Ice for four months, a boat owned by wreck-hunting … Continue reading

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Video Reviews of the Bounty Hunter Quick Draw 2

With precious metals prices at the levels they are and the economy tanking treasure hunting is becoming a popular and sometimes lucrative hobby. The price for getting good metal detecting can be prohibitive and buying cheap gear can cut into … Continue reading

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