Coyote Problem in Gated California Community

Just got my new copy of Fur-Fish-Game and saw in their News and Notes form the Outdoors section a quick piece on Laguna Woods, California. This gated community in Southern California has been trying everything they can think of to stop an aggressive pack of coyotes from attacking their pets. There are even reports of human injuries as this pack attacks dogs who are being walked on a leash. Apparently the pack is jumping them with the human owners right there.

Now the community is issuing permits to have professional animal control officer shoot the animals.

Had any of the residents of the area been allowed to shoot one of the coyotes when they first started hanging around this would have never escalated to full on assaults on people walking their dogs. Coyotes who lose their fear of humans are dangerous and aggressive. I’ll reiterate what an expert in that article said. Never let coyotes feel comfortable and safe around your house.

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