Jersey Sand Eel Mystery!

A die off of sand eels in New Jersey has remained thus far unexplained, with theories ranging from pollution to “unusual lunar activity” being bandied about. Too bad, eels are good eats and they fatten up the other fish. Something to keep an eye on:

THE appearance of thousands of dead sand eels washed up on beaches across Jersey and Guernsey at the weekend has left experts scratching their heads.

The small, translucent fish, which are a favourite food of puffins and larger fish, were found by members of the public on the sand and in rock pools in St Ouen’s Bay, Ouaisné and in bays along the north coast.

Calls then flooded in to the Environment department to report the unusual finds.

A number of possible theories have now been put forward to explain the mass beaching, including high tides, unusual lunar activity and very heavy rain.

However, it looks unlikely that the mystery will be solved and instead experts at the Environment department have described it as a ‘phenomenon that just happens sometimes’.

Like I said, it’s something t keep an eye on, especially if you’re a fisherman.

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