Journey with Red Hawk

Robert Redhawk is a bit controversial – with many people claiming he’s not really an Indian for some reason. I’m not sure if that’s true but if it is who cares? It never stopped Ward Churchill or Elizabeth Warren from having nice little careers. He mentions south Jersey in the video and being a Jersey native I should point out we’re home to tribes like the “Jackson Whites” who are descendants of Indians … and Blacks, Whites etc. The Ramapo for example were not recognized by the government as a tribe until recently due to their mixed blood. Maybe other Native Americans are coming down on him online because they don;t like his bloodline.

Mostly these are about primitive deer hunting and processing and building bows but there’s lots of interesting information, though I must say that archaeology doesn’t allow us to actually confirm much of what he says. We just have to take his word for it on the history. His techniques do seem to work however and there some great tips for hunting. This seems to be the pilots for a series that never got picked up – too bad I would have watched it. Enjoy:

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

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5 Responses to Journey with Red Hawk

  1. Ron Layton says:

    Reminds me of Archibald Belaney aka “Grey Owl”, who claimed to be an Indian and was involved in beaver conservation in 1930’s Canada. There’s a good movie about him staring Pierce Brosnan called”Grey Owl” (1999).

    • admin says:

      Now that you mention it …

      But I just can;t get as upset with this as some in the bushcraft community do. Guy made some good little clips there and I appreciate it.

      • Ron Layton says:

        I agree with you. Its what they did and are doing that counts. I really don’t care if they call themselves Indians or not.

        • admin says:

          Indeed. A lot of good bushcraft stuff comes out from “pinkskins” and others who are adopting another culture – melting pot at it’s best.

  2. Stanley T Fetrow says:

    Don’t know where it came from that he’s not Native American, But in truth he’s Lakota Sioux.

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