Man, Woman, Wild in Mexico

I was a little depressed when they cancelled Man, Woman, Wild staring Mykel Hawke and Ruth England not because they were the top experts on survival (they clearly were not) but because it is the most entertaining survival type show out there and they represent a more realistic skill set for most people than shows featuring professional backwoodsman. Episodes are available on Amazon for a small fee for we die hard MWW fans but there’s also some enterprising YouTuber who has uploaded much of the series making viewing free – until they get reported.

This is one of my favorite episodes, set in the desert of Mexico. There’s a couple of things they do wrong that even a city boy like myself can point out, like drinking urine which in fact is just you recycling waste into your body that the body can’t absorb in the first place. In some cases that dehydrates you further as your body tries to flush out the waste a second time. But hey, if they knew that would it have been as entertaining.


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