Negligent Discharges Don’t Just Happen

A video is being passed around featuring yet another mall ninja pretending to be an “expert” in all things firearms named Tex Grebner. In this particular video he regales us all with footage of him shooting himself in the leg while attempting some sort of close quarters combat draw. Toward the end of the video he soberly tells us he posted the video because “negligent discharges happen” as if he’s doing us a favor.

Before I go on let me make a couple points about Grebner and give you full disclosure:

A) While preparing for transitioning from Red Alerts to H-T-T Tex Grebner was one of the YouTube channels I was thinking about using for material. Then I was made privy to the fact Grebner and friends were harassing some hippy chick on YouTube with threats, racist comments about her boyfriend and phone calls to her. I believe they even posted her address on the web. I decided to not use his videos since he is a YouTube affiliate – I will not help him make money.

B) Even without the above incident it became obvious as I viewed more of his materials that he was less an “outdoorsman” and more a mall ninja although with a distinctly Bass Pro Shop flavor. Much of his material involves stringing bows and waxing philosopic about guns. Things you can learn by reading a manual.

But … this video is too good an example of how these things happen to not show it so I’ll risk him making a few pennies off me. Here’s the deal – ignore what he’s saying and watch what he’s doing. Despite his protests that he’s a safe and responsible gun owner the fact is he’s practicing quick drawing loaded gun for an imaginary CQB situation he’s dreamed up and does so by putting his finger on the trigger before it’s on target. Gecko45 would be so proud.

Sorry Tex but negligent discharges don’t just happen they are the result of … negligence. Unsafe and, if I may be politically incorrect, retarded range practices lead to injuries and deaths. Maybe you want to practice basic trigger discipline before showing off for a YouTube audience.

Over at Gun Nuts Media there is an excellent post on Serpa holsters being responsible for this, and many other, accidents. Which kind of proves my point about Grebner – people knew Serpa holsters were not the safest way to carry a piece for a while now. Why would you try to quick draw from one?

h/t Say Uncle

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