North Carolina Jackboots Eustace Conway

Most Americans know Eustace Conway as the gentle mountain hippy from History Channel’s Mountain Men television series. Conway has lived a self-relaint lifestyle in the mountians he calls home for over two decades with no problem from the local government.

Until now.

I used to blog about crime so this story immediately got my corruption antenna up. Sure enough all the clues all there. The Mayor of Boone, Loretta Clawson, has made it her mission to expand green ways and hiking trials for the college community and create more “R-1” housing. Under her leadership the town of Boone now boasts median housing values in the low $200,000 range even with the median income being under $20,000. That’s great city planning, right? It also would mean that the locals have painted themselves into a corner where they need to bring in a lot of very rich people. Rich people who like green ways and probably don’t like mountain hippies.

As the following news report shows the locals are basically making it impossible for him to comply with their demands about his “code violations” which means he’ll lose the place and Boone will be able to develop it. Disgusting:

It’s sad that freedom and American tradition take a back seat to planned economies and bureaucratic whims these days. You can contact the local Boone politicians to register your objections to this madness at (828)268-6200.

h/t The Blaze

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