Nutnfancy on the S&W 317 – Not Worth the Money

I was a little surprised to see that YouTube gun guru Nutnfancy was not impressed with the S&W 317 8-shot .22 revolver but after watching his review I totally agree even without firing one for myself. The crux of the matter is that this is a $650 kit gun and it’s not perfect out the box. In my mind that price tag is high for any gun, but for a .22 you’re going to shove in a tackle box or take on a hike it’s outrageously high. As Nutnfancy says if the gun was perfect out the box it might be a good value – but it’s not perfect out the box and seemingly performs on par with less expensive guns that you wouldn’t mind getting banged up on the trail.

I feel the same about S&W’s “mountain gun” which was a .45 colt double action. I handled one in a gun shop and liked it – but it cost $800 used. At the time you could by a Judge for half the price. S&W is really a rich man’s gun company which is fine as long as you’re getting great value. In this case you’re apparently not:

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  1. I generally agree with Nutnfancy, but not on the S&W 317. Then again, I picked mine up used for $350, so I surely didn’t pay too much. However, I wouldn’t sell it for twice that amount; this thing is just too awesome. Perhaps I just got lucky and got a really good one. Mine is the 2″ snub (actually 1-7/8″ barrel), and it is the older model without the safety. It is very easy to stage it in double action shooting; I can shoot a 2″ group at 21 feet shooting as fast as I can. At 50 feet, I can hit the bottom of a soda can every time, shooting single action. It is an accurate, smooth-shooting, fun little gun. It’s super easy to carry, and packs great in a kayak, loaded with snake shot (water moccasins are prevalent here). I have owned and traded away many handguns, .38s, .357s, .44s, but this little gun is a keeper. I love it!

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